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how to support soldiers deployed overseas

How to Support Soldiers Deployed Overseas

I can’t even imagine being a soldier deployed overseas. I thank the soldiers for their bravery and send my prayers to them and their families every day.

I genuinely believe that we should all support our troops, no matter what country they’re from!

All you have to do is send a brief letter or care package, and it will be greatly appreciated.

They are risking their lives for us, so the least we can do is show our appreciation!

Here are some ways that you can show your support for troops deployed overseas:

Thank them for their service

Thank a soldier for their service by sending a letter. You can find out where overseas units are located on the website of the USO. If you want to send something with your letter, make sure to include your return address so that the unit can send you something in return!

Our troops need to know that we appreciate what they’re doing for us. Tell a soldier in Afghanistan, Iraq, or wherever else our armed forces are deployed that you care about their service by writing them a letter!

Organize a Letter-Writing Campaign

Letters from home can really make a difference in their lives while they’re deployed. They need to know that we do not forget about them, even though we don’t have the opportunity to see each other as often as before. Make sure your letters are positive, and uplifting-that’ll help the soldiers keep their spirits up. A common rule of thumb for writing letters is to limit them to a single page so they won’t take too long to read.

Keep in Mind:

Make sure to personalize each letter. It’s really easy to forget what the person looks like or how they act, so just remembering a few details about them can help you write something very personalized and make it more likely that they’ll write back.

One thing I recommend is mentioning how proud you are of them for joining the military. Let them know that you appreciate their service, and encourage them to keep it up!

Writing letters is an excellent way of showing how much we care about these brave men and women who are risking their lives for us every day. I hope you’ll join me in my letter-writing campaign!

Honor an Individual Hero

The USO is a wonderful organization that provides much-needed support for our troops. However, I believe we can honor individual heroes as well. Find out where your local Army recruiter is located and drop in to thank them for their service. It’s great if you can bring them a letter from home or a small token of your appreciation.

The men and women who are recruiting for the Army deserve to be thanked as well. Tell these men and women how much you appreciate what they have done for our country!

By thanking individual heroes, we also show how much we care about the troops as a whole. Thanking your local Army recruiter and dropping by to express your appreciation can help remind Americans that they aren’t forgotten even though our forces may be far away on foreign soil. It’s up to us to show that we care.

Send them care packages.

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Just as important as letters, it’s also important to send care packages to our troops. These packages are usually filled with fun things like snacks, games, mail from family and friends, and other goodies.

Sending care packages not only reminds them that someone back home is thinking of them but can also keep their morale up.

Sending a care package also shows that we are thinking of them and what they’re doing for us. The more support they get from people here, the better!

Just as a reminder, try to avoid sending any food with products you wouldn’t eat yourself. It’s essential to keep food items checked before distribution to ensure no problems with the products.

As with letters, remember that it’s important to personalize each care package. Send pictures and include messages from family and friends! The more you put into your package, the more likely they’ll take the time to respond.

If you want to get involved by sending them a care package, that’s precisely what we do!

Join us at one of our care package stuffing events, where we gather supplies and make care packages for our troops overseas.

If you’re unable to make it in person, would you consider donating to help us offset the postage costs? It costs us a fair amount to send packages overseas, but it’s worth it.


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